Teeth By Heath Retiree Misses Thrill of Dentistry, Turns to Storm Chasing

Many of my long-time patients remember Mary Lou Schryer.

Mary Lou with Heather in 2012.
Mary Lou with Heather in 2012.

Mary Lou greeted patients from my front-desk for ten years, before retiring to Washington, IL, with her husband, Rich.  This week, we give thanks a little ahead of schedule because, though their house was leveled during last Sunday’s tornado, Mary Lou and Rich took shelter in their basement and emerged unharmed.

washington il tornado
Aerial view of the tornado’s path through Washington, IL.


They are currently living with their son, whose home, in Washington, sustained relatively minor damage.

If you’d like to leave Mary Lou a well-wish in the comments, I will print and deliver your notes when I visit the Schryers, in Washington, on Wednesday. (Nov. 27)

I am thankful for life and loved ones. 🙂
-Doc Heath


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