Glenn is a Dental Mystery!

Glenn is a Dental Mystery!

Glenn is one of our coolest patients! Not only is he a great dude…he’s also a dental mystery! Glenn, like his Grandfather, Father and sister, was born with 18 fewer teeth than the average person. He has no wisdom teeth, no 12-year molars, and many of the teeth he does have are baby teeth with no adult teeth behind them. His jaw (like others in his family) is also smaller than average, so there are no significant gaps between the teeth he does have. According to Glenn, The only problem caused by having fewer teeth than usual is how much longer it takes him to eat steak.

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A phenomena like this is very rare, and in this case, it’s clearly an inherited genetic trait. Whether it’s a sign of a more highly evolved mouth is open to debate. Until very recently in human history, diseases related to poor oral health were common killers, so being born without unnecessary molars would be a survival advantage. FASCINATING!

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