When The Dentist Is Out…

When The Dentist Is Out…

Our office hours at Teeth By Heath are Monday, Thursday, Friday: 9am – 5pm, Tuesday: 9am – 8pm, and Saturday: 8am – 1pm. That means Wednesdays and weekends are free time for Dr. Heath.

How does the dentist spend his free time?

Cuddling with puppies:

Dr. Heath has two adorable pups, named Jimi and Coco, and days off mean quality cuddle time with these cuties.

Getting in Costume:

Dr. Heath LOVES costumes (as any patient who has visited our office on Halloween can attest!), and his favorite character to portray is Captain Jack Sparrow! When he and his wife, Cindy, took a cruise together this January, Dr. Heath dressed as Captain Jack for dinner on Formal Night!

(Nearly) Winning the Local Pie-Eating Contest:

Dr. Heath (above, left, wearing headgear and wrestling singlet) is NOT a quitter, so he continues to show up each year for the Frankfort pie-eating contest, despite consistently coming in second place to reigning champ, John Herder (above, right).

These are just some of the things Dr. Heath does when he’s not cleaning teeth! He also loves playing cards, volunteering around town, and spending time with his kids, Corielle and Tony.


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