Pay Online

1) Initiate Payment:  Enter your Account Number* and the amount you wish to pay

2) Click 'Submit.'

3) Complete Transaction: You will be directed to a PayPal secure transaction page (opens in a new tab or window). Use this    page to enter your payment information and finalize your payment.

* Your Account Number can be found on any invoice or monthly statement issued to you by our office.  If you can't find your account number, you may enter your First and Last Name and your age (example: John Doe, 34).

Have questions about online payments or your account? Call us at 815-469-6500, or send us an email at

We Happily Accept Online Payments!

Pay with PayPal or Credit Card

Complete the form then click 'Submit'

Waiting for PayPal...
Validating payment information...
Waiting for PayPal...

When you're done, PayPal will automatically redirect you to a confirmation page, here on  

You should receive an email invoice within 15 mins of completing your payment.


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